andreaAndrea B. Wasserman, Founder and President

Throughout her twenty-year career in the field of development, Andrea B. Wasserman has emerged as an innovative and effective leader, bringing a pervasive sense of joy to the art and science of human and financial resource development to achieve social benefit.   As Founder and President of Social Profit Ventures, a boutique organizational development firm, Andrea forges partnerships with executives and their leadership teams, designs and executes successful fundraising strategies, recruits emerging and seasoned talent and delivers an expansive array of leadership coaching, skill trainings and interactive learning opportunities.

Prior to launching Social Profit Ventures, Andrea served as Chief Development Officer at BBYO, Inc., the leading pluralistic Jewish youth movement that inspires teens to develop the leadership skills and networks required to fortify their local and global communities.  In this capacity, Andrea initiated and led a vital change effort to revamp all aspects of the development operation to support the organization’s ambitious strategic direction.  To this end, she, and her newly formed powerhouse team, executed a comprehensive campaign strategy, which resulted in a 55 percent increase in total dollars raised since 2009, with $10,280,000 generated in 2013.

Andrea’s passion for restructuring development operations to generate sustainable, growth oriented revenue streams was inspired by her tenure at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day, which began when she was recruited in 2002 to revamp the school’s annual campaign and increase its endowment. Under Andrea’s leadership, the campaign effort became a school-wide initiative with hundreds of enlivened volunteers who helped to grow both the annual campaign from $600,000 to $1.65 million within a three-year timeframe and the school’s endowment by $10 million through outright and planned gifts.

In January 2015, Andrea and her family relocated to the Boston area from the Washington, D.C. area. Prior to that, Andrea spent the first half of her career in New York City, working for a variety of local and international Jewish nonprofits.  Her accomplishment in these roles led to her recruitment at United Jewish Communities, first as the Director of the National Young Leadership Cabinet, where she led a department that galvanized young Jewish adults around philanthropy, service and leadership and then as Director of the National Women’s Constituency, where she worked with prominent women philanthropists on engaging tens of thousands of Jewish women throughout the UJA Federation system in strengthening Israel and ameliorating poor societal conditions for Jewish people locally and around the world.

Though passionate about her work, Andrea also draws energy and happiness from her adventures with her son Zachary, husband Adam, frequent swims and engagement in her community.