Assessment of Culture of Philanthropy

Organizational success is dependent on strong philanthropic culture and readiness for a robust development effort. A culture of philanthropy is achieved when “most people in the organization (across positions) act as ambassadors and engage in relationship-building. Everyone promotes philanthropy and can articulate a case for giving,” according to a study by CompassPoint and the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund.

Social Profit Ventures’ organizational development work begins with a thorough assessment of an organization’s culture of philanthropy through information review and analysis, internal and external interviews and work with focus groups. This informational intake and assessment focuses on the conditions to prime and prepare an organization for organizational strength and development success. Some key strategic areas we focus on in the assessment are: the board of directors, annual campaign, major donor giving programs, capital campaigns, professional development and team building, infrastructure and messaging and communications, among others.

Development Strategy

Social Profit Ventures delivers a development strategy and implementation plan to align an organization’s fortified fundraising capabilities with its growing financial needs and evolving strategic direction. The assessment of philanthropic culture allows us to identify key priorities and strategic areas that need to be tackled and to provide concrete recommendations tailored to the organization’s needs and positioning. The plan may offer recommendations with regard to a major giving and endowment program, annual campaign, donor and volunteer engagement, communications, staffing, systems and other organizational components.

Execution Plan and Project Management

The execution plan often includes coaching and teaching opportunities to engage the key members of organizations including the professional staff and Board. Techniques blend theory with practical application and address: building synergy among development team members, strengthening relationships with donors, board development and many other topics. Founder and President Andrea B. Wasserman is also available for keynote addresses and other speaking engagements and presentations covering a broad range of topics related to organizational development and fundraising.


Social Profit Ventures understands that in order to execute its philanthropic mission and achieve social benefit, a nonprofit organization relies on a strong and sustainable development operation. For this reason, all of our efforts must drive the bottom line. Our development strategy includes measureable goals with key metrics to stimulate and measure progress. Our focus lies in helping you to not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of your philanthropic investors and ensure a robust return on investment for all those involved in your organization.